favorite celebrity meme → [3/4] photoshoots: by Mariano Vivanco

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emma watson for bloom of the wallflower by derek blasberg | september 2013


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“She’s a really hard worker, very ambitious, but in a grounded, humble way – and she’s very appreciative which is refreshing for the success that she’s had. There’s no diva in that girl”

- Christopher Bailey 

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»real time (it never stops)« by alicia eggert (+)


»die zwei parallelen« by christian morgenstern (+)

two parallels (translation)

once went two parallels
out in the infinite,
two straight souls
and from a solid home.

they did not want to intersect
until their peaceful grave
this was, what to say, 
both’s secret pride and way.

but after ten lightyears
of such common traveling,
the lonesome couple felt
not really earthly anymore.

were they still parallels?
they couldn’t say, -
they were only like two souls flowing
together through eternal light.

the eternal light permeated them,
thus they became one in him;
eternity swallowed them,
just like two seraphim.


“just lust” by anatol knotek

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